Hansa Systems:This is an interesting idea.Remember when you were young and played with "LEGO" blocks/ Well this is based on a similar concept. Hansa Systems consists if injected plastic elements including building blocks of various sizes.Also available are roofing materials,beam sections,individual roof tiles(two types),also plastic.

The big advantage is the possibilities of building large,light weight structures,that just won't be possible in plaster. If you build dioramas,write for their catalog!!.Besides,the price is exceptionally reasonable. They can be used on plaster buildings as well.
Good modelers seal of approval!!
— James Welch, Modeler Reviewer, MILCIV Mag.

We first became acquainted with Hansa Systems at the 1993 IPMS
Nationals in Atlanta. They were just finishing the development of a very interesting line of injection molded building materials in 1/35 scale, Well the product is now up and running...this could be the best kept secret in the armour hobby today.

The line is composed of a variety of individual molded pieces such as: bricks,blocks and roof tiles. The secret of the system is that each block contains a small lug on top that corresponds to a hole on the bottom piece. What you end up with is a "LEGO" type system for building highly accurate scale buildings. Half and corner bricks and blocks are available for the transition around windows,doors and roofs.

The blocks come with two different types of roof-line blocks, European 60% and U.S. 45% angles. The larger blocks could be used for big structures or also to serve as a foundation for larger brick buildings. Although, we did see brick structures of substantial size made just from bricks alone. There are two different types of roofing tiles: one a pointed type and the other rounded. The tiles are a systems of and in themselves. The tiles mount onto lattice frames, which when placed side by side, form a rafter structure.Cross member run the length of these rafter units and the tiles hang off the cross members.Half tiles dress up the edges.

The entire system is quite amazing.It all represents a considerable amount of time and effort by the manufacturer, and it is all very well thought out. For instance,all the materials are molded in a slightly different shade.This creates a very realistic mottled effect across the surface of any structure.Very slight weathering and a coat of flat is all that would be needed to finish it up. It appears that whole, un-damaged buildings would be the easiest to create,but the plastic parts can be gouged and brocken with Pliers to show battle damage.In that case, the edges can be touched up with putty to simulate brocken masonry. It is quite easy to get started.When we got the cinder blocks in our offices,everyone grabbed a handful and retreated to a corner.

Basic simple structures popped up in 10 or 15 minutes.(The ruined building seen in the photos was done in around 45 minutes). Larger,elaborate structures would of course,take longer.This would also be the case with the individual bricks. This aspect is very tedious, (the bricks have since been changed to make assembly easier and quicker) but the results are the most accurate we've ever seen. Another plus is that the buildings have a "scale-strength" to them and are quite sturdy. You'll need to do some planning in order to use the system,as at least for the moment,the materials are not available in kit form.(Kits are available now) The catalog contains instructions and tips for estimating the amount of materials you may need.But all this leaves you completely in control of the creative process,so the sky's the limit!

As you can tell,we're quite excited about this product.We have all grown tired of the same cookie cutter plaster ruins.The HANSA SYSTEM represents a real first in the ability for the modeler to make his dioramas truly distinctive.
— -Pat Stansell, Editor
#35001 "KARKOV"Corner Building.

Contains 1,434 injection molded styrene parts,styrene sheets,rod,channel,strips and 12 pages of instructions.

The huge amount of parts given include all that is needed to construct a corner of any two story town or city dwelling, complete with windos and roof. Also included are ample parts to construct a sidewalk corner section and cobble stone street complete with curbstones and storm drain. All of this can be mounted on the provided black plastic injection molded base.

Styrene sheet and other stock are provided for adding interior walls, exterior "stucco" and roof panels. 4 complete
sets of windows with seperate frames and clear plastic "glass"
plus parts to build basement windows are included.

The instructions are well laid out and give a "row-by-row"
construction sequence to the cinder block bricks. For areas
that are battle damaged, standard red bricks are provided along with notes on how to properly use the materials included in the box to represent damage. Everything is pre-colored in a variety of shades of "concrete" grays and "brick" reds and virtually no clean up is required.

Of course, the instructions can be modified or even disregarded to custom the appearance ofthe final structure, plus additional parts are
available seperately to add to the structure.
— Frank DeSisto